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The Git version management system has taken the world by storm. It is used today to handle everything from source code to documentation and a fantastic infrastructure has grown up around the tool with services like at the forefront. At beebyte we also use Git for version management of our internal systems. We also have a public organization at where we have published our monitoring engine Irisett.

Sometimes we get asked if it is possible to use Git to publish its website on beebytes web hosting. The answer to that question is "Yes - absolutely", however, it is not entirely obvious how to proceed.

How to do - two different approaches
There are two different approaches you can use to publish your website through Git. If you already have the webpage in a Git repository online, either on a public service such as Github or on a private server, then your web account can be linked to the Git repository site and automatically or manually publish changes to your webpage.

If you lack existing Git hosting then you can instead choose to use your web account as Git repository and thus publish your website. The Git repository site and the website are kept separate and you choose whether you want new commits to the Git repository to be published on the web directly or if it should be a manual step to publish your changes.

This is how you access the Git settings
To access the Git settings for your web account, go to our customer portal There you click Hosting -> Web hosting -> [select website] -> Advanced settings. The Git settings are then available by clicking on the Git button:

Remote Git hosting

In order to configure Remote Git hosting, use a Git repository that is located on an external service, you must first enter a public URL for the Git repository site.

It's not harder than that. Once the URL has been entered, you can also specify which branch to use and in which directory of the web space the files should be published.

In addition, you can also choose to use webhooks so that the web server is automatically notified when something has changed in the Git repository. This way, new commits can be published automatically without having to manually enter the control panel and press Pull Updates. To configure webhooks, click on the Repository Settings link. There is a Webhook URL that can be entered by external services with support for webhook, e.g. Github.

At the end of Github, go into their repository and select Settings -> Webhooks. The Payload URL setting corresponds to the Webhook URL link above. Content type should be application / json.

Lokal Git hosting

It is also possible to use beebytes web server as Git repository to avoid the need to use an external Git service. Then start by entering a name for the Git repository:

A URL to a Git repository will then be available. Git repository is stored in the same space as your web data (but obviously not available to external users, ie not under the HTTP root).

Under Repository Settings you can control whether you want deployment to occur automatically when a new commit is pushed to the Git repository or if you want to go in and press publish before the updates are taken live.

The help link shows exactly how to connect to the newly created Git repository site:

The account information used for the Git repository site is the same as used for FTP access to the website.

If you have further questions about your web host send us an email at or contact us via chat at

You are also welcome to test out for free, start by creating an account for our web host.

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