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1. In the Server Manager, click on Add roles and features, then install Web Server (IIS), ASP.NET 4.7, ISAPI Extetention, ISAPI Filters and FTP services.

2. Then configure the ftp server, Microsoft has their own guide you can follow: ftp site-in-iis-7.
Then upload the Nopcommerce files with FTP a client (Filezilla for example)

3. After that is done install Microsoft .Net Core 2.2.1 windows server hosting. First, go to on a local computer and download the correct version, then upload the files to the server via the FTP client.

4. An SQL server will also be needed on the server, we recommend SQL Server 2017 Express. There you should also download the files on a local computer and then upload them with FTP to the server.

5. Configure the SQL server in the same way as here:

6. After all this is done, move the Nopcommerce files to the home directory. (example C:\inetpub\wwwroot).

7. Give modify permissions to the IIS APPPOOL\Site name for these folders.
\wwwroot\files\export import\
\App_Data\Plugins.json (after installation)
\App_Data\dataSettings.json (after installation)

8. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) and click on Add Website, then for Physical path enter the site directory. In Hostname, enter the address of your web page. and then you press OK.

9. You can now right-click on the site and in the Manage Website, then click Browse.

10. When you get to the Nopcommerce installation page, you fill in the SQL login and then click Install.

11. Lastly, change the permission settings on the directory /wwwroot so that IIS_IUSRS has full control over all permissions

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