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Our customer portal handles resellers and users in an extremely flexible way. Three concepts are important to understand before moving on to the explanation:

A user is a person who logs in to our customer portal.

This is only a logical grouping. The most common is that the organization is a company, but it can also be a project or other grouping that you choose to use to control costs.

A reseller is really another type of organization. The dealer in turn connects to another organization. All the three units listed above are autonomous in themselves. Which means that in practice they can be connected to each other anyway. This is to create as much flexibility as possible for our users. The most common thing for small business owners is that you have an account (a user) linked to an organization (the company). From a visual point of view it is then connected as in the picture below.

But it can also be that a user works with several companies or projects and therefore wants to group them into different organizations. It is still a login to our customer portal but you reach all their organizations from this. Visually, it looks like the picture below.

Since all units are completely autonomous, several users can work with several organizations, sometimes the same. In other words, it is quite possible that it may look like this:

As a reseller you get a variety of benefits. This includes kickback / commission every month on invoiced amount. A reseller is another type of organization in our control panel.

By linking organizations to your reseller, your account gains access to your customers' organizations.

Of course, you can link multiple users to a reseller, just as you can connect multiple users to your organization.

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